Chad’s Honey Jalapeno Everything Sauce

Chad’s Honey Jalapeno Everything Sauce


When we say everything sauce, we mean it. Unlike our very planned out Governor’s Wing Sauce, this baby came by surprise. Chad’s joined the Maryland Chicken Wing Festival and competition with local Maryland contenders for many different categories. The thing was, we needed at least two wing sauces, and at the time we only had our trusty Governor’s Wing Sauce. Since that covered the BBQ category for our wings, we need another for an alternative category. That is when Chad made come magic and came up with Honey Jalapeno Everything Sauce!

Boy, was it a success! Not only was it a HUGE hit but won first place in its category! Since it was only made for the competition, Chad decided to try it out at the restaurant too. It was an instant success. Something about the sweet and hot mixed together made everyone a fan. Don’t just take our word for it though, try it for yourself.

After receiving word of Chad’s delicious Honey Jalapeno BBQ Sauce, I have decided to lobby for a charter in Maryland. We must relocation for the sauce. – George Calvert, First Lord of Baltimore, 1630*

*this may or may not have been said

Net wt. 11.3 oz (320g)